The Pestle

Meet the Hosts

Wes Evans

Filmmaker / Actor

Wes Evans is a filmmaker in Austin, Tx. As Icarus Burning Productions since 2012, Wes has made short films, music videos, educational content, videos for small businesses, and many passion projects.

A large part of becoming a filmmaker has been learning by watching films. Netflix is really the best teacher. So, watching movies is not just a fun pastime, it’s work! And with this incessant need to analyze and learn, The Pestle was born.

Todd Sapio

Producer / Editor / Actor

A musician of over 20 years, Todd has been across the country experiencing cultures and stories he’s carried with him into a 7 year film production/editing career. Working with filmmakers, musicians and other artists to complete artistic visions has been nearly the whole of his life. “Film has been and always will be a passion and escape for me,” says Todd. “Talking about the process is the icing.”

As a devoted husband and father of two, the past 3 years have also seen the beginnings of a budding long-course triathlon career, completing multiple full and half Ironman distance races with sights on the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

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