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Ep 132: “Amadeus”

December 29, 2020

We prance through F. Murray Abraham’s “Amadeus” and discuss:

  • cinematography;
  • story & writing, engaging the audience;
  • living in the shadow of Mozart;
  • special guest Scott Garrett Graham joins us;
  • and other such stuff and things and stuff.

I have never thought of writing for reputation and honor. What I have in my heart must come out; that is the reason why I compose. – Beethoven

Notes & References:
Check out Scott on Instagram, and listen to his music on Apple Music, YouTube, YouTube Music and Spotify
Wes’ friend Aurora Ann Roesner singing Mozart, and in the balcony of an opera quarter
Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy” and Mark Twain said “Comparison is the death of joy.”
Amadeus did indeed win an Oscar for Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and many others. Full list of its Oscar wins here.
Beethoven was a child prodigy but did not travel until he was 17
Here’s a cool pic of Tim Curry and Ian McKellen in the 1980 Broadway showing of Amadeus
Here’s the Making Of documentary on “God of War”
“The Fifth Element” opera scene was composed to be alien and unsingable, yet the Operatic soprano, Inva Mula, was able to sing “85%” of what was thought to be impossible by the composer.

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