Ep 38: “A Quiet Place”

April 18, 2018

We dive into John Krasinki’s 2018 horror film “A Quiet Place” and discuss:

  • the metaphor of “A Quiet Place;
  • the opening scene;
  • sound;
  • acting;
  • and much more!

“‘The empty vessel makes the loudest sound. – William Shakespeare

Notes & References:
Screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods explain how they went from under-the-radar directors to make a big budget horror movie.

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  1. Joe from Hawaii says:

    I’m very embarrassed to say, but once you pointed out that it’s a movie about a family communicating, it was so clear to me. I hadn’t even thought about it in that light, now I can’t not see it that way lol. Anyways, loved the podcast, and looking forward to Se7en!

    1. wes says:

      haha, same here, Joe! It wasn’t until I started collecting my thoughts after the second viewing before it dawned on me. Same thing happened with “Annihilation”, which took me three viewings, not that we’re looking to cover that one but it threw me for a pretty good loop before it all clicked into place.

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