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Ep 282: “A Quiet Place: Day One”

July 02, 2024

We tiptoe through Lupita Nyong’o’s “A Quiet Place: Day One” and discuss:

  • Writing & Story, suspending disbelief, theme & plot;
  • and other such stuff and things and stuff.

I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: no fear. I mean really, no fear! – Nina Simone

Notes & References:
Joseph Quinn (iMDB) – Stranger Things season 4
Reclamation (wiki) – “returning disturbed lands to an improved state” which would make sense in the context of an iron ore mine

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This Week’s Recommendations:

Wes’ Pizza Dough (8020) Recipe
273g flour (225g self-rising or bread flour, 50g protein flour)
optional: add 3g garlic powder
9g salt
220g water
3g yeast
1tbsp honey
3tbsp EVOO
  1. add water, yeast and honey into a mixing bowl. Use warm water, not super hot or ice cold. (After mixing I usually let this “bloom” for 5 min before mixing in flour)
  2. flour + salt (+ garlic) into another bowl
  3. Slowly incorporate the dry ingredients into the water mixture a few scoops at a time. It’s important to make sure all of the flour is completely hydrated by the water.
  4. When 50% of the flour is mixed into the water, add olive oil and mix it in thoroughly.
  5. Add the rest of the flour, cover the bowl and let it sit for 10-20 minutes.
  6. Come back and give the dough another mixing.
  7. Transfer the dough to a plastic container with a lid and let it sit at room temperature for 11-18 hours.
  8. Refrigerate the dough for a few hours to make it easier to work with later.
  9. Divide the dough. I often split into 4 pieces, but will use half for a thicker pizza crust.
  10. Shape the pieces into dough balls and let them proof at room temperature before using. Otherwise, store them in the fridge for extra fermentation. I often throw them into small tupperware containers coated with oil.

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