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Ep 212: “Everything Everywhere All At Once”

November 01, 2022

We get googly-eyed over the Daniels’ “Everything Everywhere All At Once” and discuss:

  • Writing and Directing, crafting the edit in the script;
  • Humor and drama, making tough subjects palatable for everyone;
  • and other such stuff and things and stuff.

A Persian King called his sages and asked them for one quote that would be accurate at all times and in all situations. They went into deep contemplation and finally told the king: “This too shall pass.Persian adage

Notes & References:
Addendum from Wes: I realize depression is a very broad issue and discussing what it is, the causes, effects & symptoms, and meliorations are vast and certainly not fully fleshed out in my meanderings during this episode, and it’s worth noting that my intention was not to quantify or encapsulate it for everyone who also suffers from it.
Step printing (
“This too shall pass” (wiki)
“Stay” trailer
China’s One Child Policy (wiki) – the one-child policy was bumped to two children in 2015, and in May 2021 was bumped up to three children before all restrictions were removed in July 2021
Existentialism (wiki)
Nihilism (wiki)
Sole editing credit goes to Paul Rogers (iMDB), bless his heart
EEAAO was shot “within just 36 or 37 days” (Screenrant)
Budget on iMDB is listed at $25M
Apparently this was originally written with Jackie Chan in mind for the lead role before switching to Michelle Yeoh (Indiewire); I LOVE this quote from Yeoh “The former ballerina cited that action films are like one “big dance piece” rooted in stunt choreography.” – overall I gotta say we didn’t do too bad in our analysis 😛
2nd addendum from Wes: Apologies to Stephanie Hsu, sounds like I was mispronouncing her name the entire episode and it should be pronounced “Shoo”
Roundtable conversation with cast and Daniels ( – I dare you to watch this and not fall in love with everyone – OH! Lookee there, the article mentions the Hitchhiker’s Guide influence as well. Ugh, okay, I’m finished looking stuff up now. I think. For anyone still reading this: while editing the episode I make notes about things I should add to the show notes, and when I finish editing I’ll go find links that are relevant to the discussion, and normally I skip looking up stuff about the film but while skimming the wiki page for EEAAO (looking for info on the production schedule) I noticed the footnote about Jackie Chan and that sent me on a little journey, and here we are now. I like to normally just watch the film and process my own thoughts that I can bounce off Todd in each episode, because to me, speculation seems to usually be more fun and interesting than simply having the answer. Anyhoo.

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