The Pestle


Ep 2: “Interstellar”

June 20, 2017

In this episode we look at Christopher Nolan’s scifi epic “Interstellar”:

  • Wes babbles about 70mm film, and briefly touches on film vs digital
  • Space and the science of Interstellar
  • FX: TARS and CASE; projectors; Christopher Nolan piloting
  • A deep dive of the theme of Interstellar: Evolving mankind; love transcending space & time

“People will say, ‘There are a million ways to shoot a scene,’ but I don’t think so. I think there are two, maybe. And the other one is wrong.” David Fincher

Referenced Links:
Interstellar: What does it mean? – This is Wes’ original writeup/analysis of Interstellar
70mm IMAX film of Interstellar weighed 600lbs
Photo showing the size/scale of IMAX 70mm film

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