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Ep 15: Stephen King’s “It”

October 03, 2017

In this episode we discuss:

  • the theme of Stephen King’s “It”;
  • camerawork and editing techniques;
  • horror dramas;
  • child actors;
  • and much more.

Even bad guys (most of them, anyway) see themselves as good—they are the heroes of their own lives. Giving them a fair chance as characters can create some interesting shades of gray—and shades of gray are also a part of life.– Stephen King

Notes & References:
Easter eggs you may have missed

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  1. Marc Israel says:

    Hey Wes and Todd!

    I would like to actually share another possibility to the use of the “N” word in “The Hateful Eight”.

    At first I flinch as a liberated white man when I hear the word but as more as I hear it from a non-black person, the more I dislike them.

    The continuance of the use of the “N” word and the further disdain for the black person these racists are referring to, then the further from any human compassion I have for that person to the point that I am cheering for their on-screen down fall… as in they got what they deserves.

    The Bruce Dern character starts off as an old, crotchety character who slowly shifts from the spectrum of stoically sympathetic to a racist murderer and the attachment of his thoughts to the actions of what he participated in all the while using the “N” word allows that cinematic release once he’s shot.

    If the Confederate General doesn’t use the “N” word, then he’s a war criminal who should be sent to trial and not a blatantly racist war criminal who doesn’t get to see the Hang Man, which was the heart of the movie message or theme,

    What do you think?

    Also, like Kurt Russel but here gave me absolutely no suspension of disbelief… pet peeve…

    BTW, I had not seen the movie and after hearing the opening audio clip on The Pestle episode, I ordered it on Amazon and saw it over the weekend.

    Marc Israel

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