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Ep 147: “The Fighter”

May 11, 2021

We knock down David O. Russell’s “The Fighter” and discuss:

  • cinematography, 360 lighting, natural lighting vs available lighting;
  • story;
  • at the end of the episode we’ll talk about why we got vaccinated;
  • and other such stuff and things and stuff.

Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson

Notes & References:
Natural Light vs Available LightNote: My perspective of the difference between “natural light” vs “available light” is NOT the status quo, most articles I’ve found while digging around use the terms interchangeably. So, while I still think what I describe on the show is a good perspective, it is not what you’ll likely hear on set, which I would argue creates confusion as shooting with “natural light” is often not fulfilled by strictly shooting with the sun but often means adding HMIs to fulfill a stylistic choice. That said, “natural light” is intended to refer to naturally occurring light. I’ll stop here as this could spiral into an article in itself.
Available light (wiki)
Christian Bale is a method actor
Not super clear on Joaquin Phoenix’s acting technique, seems like a little Method, but also just simple old fashioned “in the moment” acting
Melissa Leo discusses Method Acting
PremiumBeat article discussing 360º lighting
J&J vaccine reportedly had adverse effects in 2 to 5 people per million
Winter Covid spike vs flu lull
TSA backscatter machines (
TSA body scanners (

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