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Ep 75: “Apollo 11” (2019 Documentary)

April 09, 2019


  1. Marc Israel says:

    Great episode snd welcome back! Since I’m not a “Flat Earther” I’m going to check it out in the theater as recommended! Back in those days I was about 10 and the world seemed so vast but dirty with war, protests and rampant racism in my neighborhood. It was the space missions that rescued us youngsters from the crap on the ground. That and Disney in Sunday Nights!

    1. wes says:

      haha, you do seem too reasonable to be in the FE community. I honestly can’t imagine the impact of seeing this moment. Interesting comment about Disney, what did they air on Sunday nights?

      1. Marc Israel says:

        I remember a severe crush on Jodie Foster watching the kid from Family Affair (Johnny Whitaker?) in Huck Finn. We had a 12” black and white TV positioned so you could see it from top or bottom bunk bed.

        The early 70’s were an amazing time to be a kid in a lot of ways as the world was changing daily and we’d just get in our bikes and ride around and take it all in.

        Total adventure mode!

        1. wes says:

          Yes! I frequently had to use one of those little 12″ B&W TVs to play Nintendo games, it got the job done. And totally did my fair share of adventuring around the country, and it makes me wonder if kids still maintain that level of adventure or if that’s a bygone era altogether.

          1. Marc Israel says:

            All I hope is that they find a sense of adventure in new areas that get them outside. I feel as if I fail with our daughter on this front living in a city like setting outside if DC

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